Naru Intelligence at 4YFN Fair

From 25th to 27th of February we were at 4YFN fair showing our company and our product Step.


We had the opportunity to enjoy productive meeting and networking.


Naru Intelligence as a case of success supported with the funding program Aurrera

On December 13, we had the pleasure of attending the seminar "New Tools for Financing Innovation”. We presented the case of Naru Intelligence which has been supported through the new startup financing tool of the SPRI (Basque Agency for Business Development of the Basque Government), the Basque Finance Institute (IVF) and Elkargi SGR.

Winners of one of the Incubators Awards of Richi Entrepreneur Program

We had the opportunity to participate in a very intense and great program. We met different professionals and had the opportunity to learn and validate US market. 


We were winners of one of the Incubators Awards where we will benefit of free incubation at North Shore InnoVentures to continue developing our business in the US. 


Naru Intelligence in Healthio 2018

From 16th to 18th October we were at the Healthio 2018 fair showing our company and our product Step.


We had the opportunity to enjoy the broad program and productive network sessions.

Naru Intelligence at the BioSpain Fair

From 25th to 27th September we were at the BioSpain fair showing our company and our product Step.


We had the opportunity to enjoy the round tables and sessions, as well as a productive networking.


Naru Intelligence winner of e-dea challenge of the Pfizer Foundation and La Fe Hospital in Valencia

Naru Intelligence is the winner of the last challenge organised by Pfizer Fundation and La Fe Hospital in Valencia with the project LaFeMaps.


The idea started after the immersion process where we detected the need to optimize the flow of patients within the hospital. LaFeMaps is an intelligent system that helps improve the overall quality of care, through a guide that accompanies the patient during the visit through the hospital.


We would like to thank the entire organization for supporting us and promoting our initiative with this recognition.

Naru Intelligence among the finalists of the E-deasalud challenge organized by Pfizer Foundation together with Hospital La Fe

We had the opportunity to be selected as finalists for the E-deasalud challenge organized by the Pfizer Foundation and Hospital La Fe. 


On July 5 and 6, we immersed ourselves in the hospital alongside the other two finalist teams. This allowed us to understand the issues faced by a patient and his or her family.


In those very productive two days, we first understood the problems of the hospital and then, we took part in Design Thinking activities that helped each group shape a solution that integrated their proprietary technologies.

Naru Intelligence presented in the Bic Startup Day first edition

We had the opportunity to present Naru and our Step product at Bic StartUp Day's first edition. It is an event that will be held every year on a Basque territory to increase the visibility of business iniciatives in the industry, energy and health sectors.


Naru Intelligence took part in the "Women's Dialogue" conference organized by Aspegi

On June 6th, Maider Alberich, CTO and co-founder of Naru Intelligence, participated in the "Women's Dialogue" conference, focused on Science and Technology. 

The event was a dialogue between 6 women speakers who debated and reflected on future strategies to facilitate the path for new generations of women into the fields of science and technology.